MXi Envelope Insertion System

MXi Envelope Insertion System

Create custom card mailings

The enhanced Datacard® MXi™ envelope insertion system makes it easy to produce personalized card mailings quickly, efficiently and securely in a seamless inline process. It works with the Datacard® MXD™ card delivery system or Datacard® MXD™ Lite card delivery system.

  • Place inserts selectively and include targeted messages.
  • Promote co-marketing programs and support cross-selling.
  • Enhance security by completing the entire card fulfillment process inline.
  • Create up to 3,000 card mailings per hour.


Selective inserting
The MXi system selects unique inserts for individual cardholders during the same print job and data stream to maximize marketing impact. This also enables card issuers to process more customized card mailings per hour with fewer interruptions for job setup.

High productivity
The MXi system offers inline insertion and sealing and supports postage metering. It places folded card carriers and up to 14 inserts into envelopes, creating up to 3,000 mail-ready pieces per hour and reducing cycle time.

Flexible configurations
Choose from the single-insert feeder, a dual-station tower feeder that loads two inserts and helps save space, or the integrity verification feeder that ensures the proper inserts are loaded and helps reduce errors.

Stronger security
Because the MXi system enables you to complete the entire card fulfillment process inline, it substantially reduces the risk of lost or stolen cards.

Easy operation
A simple graphical user interface clearly shows job progress, production statistics and operator assistance messages. Virtually all functionality, set-ups and insertion maintenance are programmed from an integrated touchscreen PC.

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