Durability Solutions

Extend Card Life and Protect Images

Durability Solutions

Datacard durability supplies extend the life of personalized cards and ID documents, reducing the need for reissuance and lowering overall costs. Our high-quality plastic card laminates, topcoats and overlays protect images to prevent fading as well as defend cards against abrasion, moisture and chemical attack.

This is why Datacard Group offers a complete line of protective topcoats and laminates for its card printers. Developed by experts in card durability and security, these supplies meet an extensive array of program-specific needs in government, corporate, education and other markets.

Protect bar codes, signatures, logos and images against abrasion, chemical attack and plasticizers with a translucent, edge-to-edge topcoat.

Datacard® CardGard™ UV-Curable Topcoat
For additional protection, this patented formulation provides up to four times the durability and wear resistance of standard topcoats.

Datacard® DuraShield™ Overlay
Card issuers will get both exceptional durability and edge-to-edge coverage at an affordable price point. DuraShield overlay offers four times the protection of a standard topcoat and rivals the durability of polyester patch laminates.

Laminates offer the strongest defense against abrasion and chemical attack. Our unique formulation provides optimal moisture-resistance and tamper evidence, with an innovative design that provides the largest area of protection.

Datacard® Certified Supplies are available for all card personalization and secure ID applications and are backed by a 100% guarantee. Our global distribution network in more than 120 countries ensures fast delivery and local assistance.

Only Datacard Certified Supplies are specifically designed and engineered to work with Datacard systems. These superior, system-matched supplies deliver unmatched quality and value, consistent performance and continuous innovation.