Other Consumables

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Other Consumables

No matter what you need, we have a full line of consumables for your Datacard personalization system, to ensure optimal quality and performance. Our extensive supplies offering includes replacement printheads, ribbon cassettes, printer ink cartridges and laser filters.

Replacement Printheads
To provide you with long-lasting performance and maximum-reliability, our printheads are specifically designed to work with Datacard print ribbons and printers. Color printheads support Advanced Imaging Technology™ to help ensure high quality printing on each and every card you issue. Replacements are available for all existing and most discontinued card printers.

Ribbon Cassettes
Datacard offers replacement ribbon cassettes designed exclusively for Datacard print ribbons. Our ribbon cassettes are engineered to work with your Datacard system and simply snap in place with no tools or additional adjustments required. Our environmentally friendly cassettes are reloadable, refillable and cost effective. You may wish to keep a few on hand so you are always ready to drop in a new cassette when your ribbons need changing.

Printer Ink Cartridges
The Datacard® PB6500™ passport issuance system requires high-quality laser ink jet replacement cartridges. These cartridges have been thoroughly tested to work at peak performance with your Datacard system and have been engineered for quick and easy replacement.

Laser Filters
Datacard offers card personalization and passport production systems with advanced laser engraving capabilities. Laser filters are a part of these solutions and require replacement for optimal laser operation. Datacard laser filters are quick and easy to replace and will help to provide you with the crisp, clear laser etching you require.

Datacard® Certified Supplies are available for all card personalization and secure ID applications and are backed by a 100% guarantee. Our global distribution network in more than 120 countries ensures fast delivery and local assistance.

Only Datacard Certified Supplies are specifically designed and engineered to work with Datacard systems. These superior, system-matched supplies deliver unmatched quality and value, consistent performance and continuous innovation.