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Defend Against Fraud and Counterfeiting

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Every day, your identification documents face a variety of threats. Normal wear and tear takes its toll, as well as exposure to harsh environmental conditions or chemicals. Datacard security solutions protect against these common threats and more importantly provide a strong defense against all forms of identication fraud - tampering, forgery, counterfeiting and other illegal activities.

Government agencies and other organizations around the world trust Datacard Group to provide highly secure identification solutions for card and passport issuance. We strive to develop leading edge solutions that deliver the ultimate in identification security.

Maximize Security
To meet the most unique and demanding requirements of critical government applications, Datacard has an extensive suite of security supplies that provide multiple optical variable device (OVD) offerings.

Custom Secure Topcoat
This translucent protective layer with a custom hologram is applied with edge-to-edge coverage to improve security.

Secureprint Laminate
The Secureprint laminate features a generic holographic image and the ability to customize a portion of the laminate with logos or text for a uniquely cost-effective approach to enhancing card security.

Secureprint Custom Laminate
This highly durable polyester patch extends card life, helping minimize replacement and reissuance costs. A holographic 2D image and micro text enable ease of identification for your ID card program, while enhancing aesthetics and increasing overall security. Lower minimum order quantities reduce costs for mid-sized and smaller ID card programs.

Custom Secure Optigram® Laminate
Datacard® security solutions provide the highest level of security. These supplies can be totally customized to include holographic logos, text and graphics along with multiple optical variable devices (OVDs) using a combination of overt, covert and forensic security elements. These laminates are available in 0.5 mil and 1.0 mil format to meet the most stringent security and durability needs.

Custom Secure Thin Film Overlay
Our suite of identification security products include custom secure thin film overlay for in-line application with the Datacard® PB6500™ passport issuance system providing protection over the passport data page.

Advanced Security
Security documents, photo IDs and passports incorporate many layers of security, from the most obvious to the public consumer to those features that can only be detected in a forensic laboratory.

Security Solutions Matrix

A Multi-Layer Approach to Security

Our recommendation for a secure design is a logical combination of level I, II and III security elements to ensure the highest level of security against counterfeiting and alterations.

Level I – Overt
Visible or tactile features which can be detected without the use of tools or aids.

Level II – Covert
Concealed features that can be seen by a trained inspector using simple tools, such as a UV light or a magnifying glass.

Level III – Forensic
Deeply hidden features which are detectable only through forensic inspections.

Datacard® Certified Supplies are available for all card personalization and secure ID applications and are backed by a 100% guarantee. Our global distribution network in more than 120 countries ensures fast delivery and local assistance.

Only Datacard Certified Supplies are specifically designed and engineered to work with Datacard systems. These superior, system-matched supplies deliver unmatched quality and value, consistent performance and continuous innovation.