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Datacard® Inline Central Issuance Solutions Selected by Service Bureau in Indonesia to Personalize and Issue Smart Cards

Complete Card-to-Envelope Solution to be Implemented at PT. Peruri Digital Security, Delivering Highly Secure and Personalized Smart Cards

MINNETONKA, Minn.—(June 17, 2013)—Datacard Group, the world leader in secure ID and card personalization solutions, announced today that the inline Datacard® MX6000™ card issuance system will be used by a new service bureau in Indonesia – PT. Peruri Digital Security – to issue and personalize financial smart cards that are compliant with the global EMV standard, as well as the recently introduced local standard for chip-based ATM cards in Indonesia. 

PT. Peruri Digital Security—an extension of Perum Peruri that develops information technology, digital security and solutions in Indonesia—selected Datacard Group over the competition because of the MX6000™ system’s modularity, adaptability and scalability, which allows users to produce many types of cards in a short period of time. 

“We are extremely happy to have decided on Datacard Group’s complete inline central issuance solutions,” said Dwi Prasetyo, director of PT. Peruri Digital Security. “They are a known market leader for world class solutions, and we are confident the MX6000™ system will enable us to efficiently produce a variety of card types at high volumes from a secure central facility.  This will greatly increase our productivity and efficiency.”

The MX6000 card issuance system can issue up to 1,500 unique cards per hour. For this project in Indonesia, the module configuration of the system includes smart card personalization, magstripe encoding, graphics printing, and embossing/indenting. In addition, the inline solution includes the Datacard® MXD™ card delivery system and MXi™ envelope insertion system – which makes this a true card-to-envelope configuration that delivers full-color cards and highly personalized carriers and mailers on-demand, starting from white card stock and blank paper.

“The complete inline solution comprised of the MX6000, MXD and MXi systems will allow Peruri Digital Security to elevate the security, productivity, flexibility and profitability of their card program,” said Angus McDougall, regional vice president of Datacard Asia Pacific Limited. “The modular design of the system helps protect their investment by enabling Peruri Digital Security to configure the system to meet their needs today, as well as add new features as their program changes and grows.”

About Datacard Group
Datacard Group empowers financial institutions, government agencies and other enterprises in more than 150 countries to securely issue and personalize financial cards, passports, national IDs, employee badges, mobile payment applications and other credentials. Our flexible solutions enable Secure Issuance Anywhere™, which helps both public and private enterprises succeed in a global, digital and increasingly connected marketplace. Datacard is the world's best-selling brand of secure issuance solutions. For information, visit www.datacard.comFollow us on Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

About PT. Peruri Digital Security
Perum Peruri is a National Money and security document printing company that recognizes the need to perform product transformation from traditional paper printing business into information technology solution such as e-Authentication, e-Identity, e-Payment, Data Center, Service and IT Solution. Peruri Digital Security is an extended arm of Perum Peruri in developing and perfecting information technology, digital security and solution in Indonesia. PDS with the motto “Smart & Secure” was formed to support digital security solution and become a trusted partner for customers. For information, visit: