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Datacard Group to Provide Enhanced Security for the Malaysian Government’s MyKad and MyKid Multi-Purpose ID Program

Innovative laser engraving technologies provided by Datacard Group help secure win for government ID project

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia— Sept. 6, 2011—Datacard Group, the world leader in secure ID and card personalization solutions, and Datasonic Corporation Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Dibena Sdn Bhd, today announced that the National Registration Department of Malaysia (JPN) has selected them for a contract to upgrade the Malaysian government’s ‘MyKad’ and ‘MyKid’ card programs that include multi-purpose smart ID cards.

Datacard Group will assist Datasonic Corporation, who is the primary contract holder for this project, to supply Datacard® MX6000™ Card Issuance Systems with laser engraving modules, as well as Datacard® CP80™ Plus Card Printers that will be strategically placed at branches nationwide. By utilizing the Datacard solutions, JPN will be able to securely issue Malaysian citizens the multi-purpose MyKad and MyKid cards that include the national ID, driver’s licenses, ATM card, healthcare data, etc.

To help meet the requirements for the Government of Malaysia, Datacard configured the MX6000™ card issuance system to include a unique laser engraving module that personalizes all the cardholder information, variable-sized photos, alphanumeric text, bar codes, black-and-white logos and other graphical elements for increased card security.

“The Datacard MX6000 card issuance system with the high quality laser module meets the stringent requirements set by the Malaysian government for high volume secure printing, and the Datacard CP80 Plus card printer is an ideal solution for the instant issuance of the MyKid card, which is targeted for IDs of new born babies and children under 12 years old,” said Jen (B) Tan Sri Mohamed Hashim Bin Mohd Ali, chairman of Dibena Group of companies. “This will help improve the card issuance and delivery system and ensure added security for our card programs.”

“We have a long-standing partnership with Datasonic Corporation Sdn Bhd, as well as the Malaysian Government, and we are very pleased that they have asked Datacard to once again partner with them on this project,” said Angus McDougall, regional vice president, Asia Pacific for Datacard Group. “Having been in the business for close to 41 years, Datacard Group continues to demonstrate our world leadership in this industry and we will work closely with Datasonic to ensure the successful implementation of the upgrade of the project.”

About Datacard Group
Datacard Group is building on a 40-year heritage of innovation and customer success. Our portfolio of solutions, backed by expert service and support, enable card and secure ID programs for financial, government and other markets worldwide. With an unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction, Datacard remains the industry’s leading brand of secure ID and card personalization solutions.

About Dibena Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Dibena Enterprise Sdn Bhd (Dibena) is a 100% Bumiputra-owned Company which involves in the investment holding, general trading and provision of smart card personalization system, integrated security system, customized application development system integration, turnkey project management and consultancy services. The company is the principal consortium member of GMPC Corporation Sdn Bhd carrying out the Government Multi Purpose Card (MyKad) national ID Project for the entire design, set up and operations of the Personalization Centre at National Registration Department of Malaysia, besides supplying the software systems, consumables, technical support, maintenance and consultancy services.

About Datasonic Corporation Sdn Bhd
Datasonic Corporation Sdb Bhd is a subsidiary company of Dibena Enterprise Sdn Bhd which involves in provision of smart card personalisation solutions including the supply of printing system and solutions, consumables, cards, printer spare parts, technical and maintenance services, personalization of financial cards, ID cards and loyalty cards, project management and smart card professional services across the governmental, financial and commercial markets. As of one the leading smart card player in secure ID and smart card personalization solutions, Datasonic is the only ICT vendor involved in 3 major smart card programs in the country, namely the Government national ID card, PMPC and EMV credit card migration in the country.