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Banks, retailers and other consumer marketers are looking for ways to engage consumers, build their brands and expand market share. Designed to drive innovation, our debit and credit card issuance solutions deliver robust end-user experiences that drive loyalty, trust and profitability. Our trusted portfolio of central and instant issuance systems and transaction authentication solutions can be configured to create powerful omni-channel experiences that meet the demands of today’s consumer in branches, at home and on the go.


EMV Solutions

Deliver exceptional payment card experiences. View our portfolio of EMV smart card products and services.


Instant Issuance

Issue cards in-branch and give consumers immediate purchasing power, instant card replacement and personalized service. View our portfolio of instance issuance products and services.


Central Issuance

Efficiently produce a variety of cards at high volumes from a secure central facility. View our central issuance products and service offerings.


Self-Service Issuance

Create a self-service issuance program with kiosk enhanced applications. View our portfolio of self-service products and services.


Security Solutions

Solve today’s security challenges with multilayered identity-assurance solutions — comprised of strong authentication, fraud detection and transaction verification.

White Papers

Optimizing Card Programs to Appeal to Today’s Consumers

As the financial environment transforms, building lasting, profitable relationships will require financial institutions to develop a deep understanding of consumer preferences and brand loyalty triggers. It will require providing products and services that become fundamental to the consumer’s daily life. For most financial institutions this opportunity lies in payment cards — with a special emphasis on fast-growing debit and prepaid cards.

Optimizing Card Programs to Appeal to Today’s Consumers (Russian)

Оптмизация программ выпуска карт с учетом текущих требований потребителей

Fresh Ideas to Drive Growth in a Rapidly Changing Competitive Environment

In the financial world, competition has always been fierce. But as financial institutions face increasing margin pressure and strive to earn greater market share, this competition is rapidly intensifying. At the same time, technology has created a new financial consumer: empowered with information at their fingertips, today’s consumer brings heightened expectations for anytime-anywhere services and instant gratification.

Manufacturing Efficiency in Card Personalization Operations

This whitepaper provides a summary of theories used for the measurement and analysis of manufacturing efficiency in card personalization operations. The objective is to explain how information contained within an audit trail file with production time stamps can be used to measure and evaluate manufacturing operations, including speed measurement, job size calculation, and performance measurement using techniques to standardize measurement output for variations in average job size.

Preparing for the Unexpected: Emergency Card Replacement and Mass Issuance Strategies

The well-documented financial card breaches of late 2013 and early 2014 shine a bright light on two key concerns for banks, bureaus and other large card issuers. Learn about preparing for the unexpected, including emergency card replacement and mass issuance strategies.

The Adoption of EMV® Technology in the U.S.

Visa Inc. and MasterCard recently announced plans to accelerate chip migration in the United States by 2015. There is a new sense of urgency for all players in the market to understand what EMV technology means to them. Financial institutions and card issuers need to begin thinking about how this is going to affect them and what the next steps are to ensure that they are well positioned in the market as this migration happens. This paper is intended to help offer the various stakeholders insight into why now may be a good time to re-evaluate business models and card issuance programs.

Transforming Operations for Mass Customization

The market dynamics that are moving card issuers toward mass customization are not likely to go away. Creating unique value for individual customers via mass customization is a natural progression occurring across many different markets, effectively replacing the mass production techniques that preceded them. Card bureaus and other card issuers that embrace the “markets of one” concept and begin adapting systems and processes for mass customization will not only survive, they will thrive and lead in a competitive market.

From Card-to-Envelope: Transforming Card Delivery Programs

Card issuers are advised to consider advanced card delivery technologies in order to create new revenue opportunities and cross-promote other offerings while reducing operational costs and complexity.

Case Studies

GreenBank Instantly Issues Unembossed MasterCard Debit Cards

GreenBank, based in Tennessee, actively promotes the use of check cards with new customers. In 2007 nearly 33% of their new customers were not using their cards. The bank began researching long term strategies that would increase debit activation and usage. After a 3-branch pilot, GreenBank launched a Datacard instant issuance solution across its network of 63 branches.

First Chinese Bank to Offer DIY Instant Issuance

China Everbright Bank—headquartered in Beijing with a total of 807 branch outlets—wanted to differentiate their services in order to increase their competitiveness in the marketplace. The Bank and Datacard Group jointly developed an instant issuance program with the primary goal of enhancing the customer experience. The program was designed to allow customers to walk into a local bank branch, choose a personalized background picture for their credit card, and receive the new card within 70 seconds.

Instant Issuance Helps Enhance Service Levels - Tower Federal Credit Union Laurel, Maryland

The “I want it now” generation has spurred change in every industry you can name including consumer goods, entertainment, retail and manufacturing. From “pay-at-thepump” to online movies, consumers have been conditioned to expect instant gratifi cation. Financial services customers are no exception. When customers open new accounts or want a new PIN number for a card, they want it now, a scenario that has begun to challenge fi nancial institutions to up the ante in instant customer service offerings.

Vietnamese Bank Makes Profitable Transition

Datacard worked closely with senior leaders and card operations managers at Sacombank to evaluate the bank’s financial card program, including productivity, profitability, security and opportunities for growth. A central card issuance strategy was developed, which featured the Datacard® MX6000™ card issuance system, Datacard® MXD™ card delivery system, Datacard® MXi™ envelope insertion system and Datacard® Affina® smart card software.

First Spanish Bank to Offer Instant Issuance

Abanca Bank was formed in November 2014 as a result of the merger of NCG Bank and Etcheverría Bank. Even before its official inception, Abanca Bank sought to enhance their overall in-branch customer experience through offering instant issuance of permanent credit, debit and pre-paid cards. After diligently evaluating a select group of technology providers, Abanca Bank turned to Entrust Datacard to implement an innovative instant issuance program.

Westpac’s Everywhere Banking Strategy Delivers Instant Card Services to Rural Communities

In the Pacific, there is a large population that lives in villages away from regional centers where most of the Westpac branches are located. It is a costly inconvenience for customers to travel to town to collect their Handycard – a debit card which is Westpac's most popular card. Westpac Pacific believes that solving their customers' problems is vital to their business so they decided to launch an instant issuance program that would enable their customers to sign up for a bank account and receive their cards immediately.

Card Wizard Client Quotes

Learn what our clients have to say about CardWizard® Software

State Bank of India Launches Instant Issuance of Debit Cards Through Self-Service Kiosk

State Bank of India (SBI) — an Indian multinational bank and the largest public sector financial institution in India — is recognized for innovative banking technology. SBI wanted to improve the in-branch experience for its customers and had a vision of “Next Generation Banking with a difference.” Based on this, SBI opened its first set of seven outlets — what the bank now calls their sbiINTOUCH branches — which are immersed with digital capabilities including self-service kiosks that allow customers to instantly receive a personalized debit card.

Syntera - Bank of America Success Story

Bank of America improved productivity in its card shop by 45%, enabling it to process many cards a full day sooner than before.

First Chinese Bank to Offer DIY Instant Issuance (Chinese)

China Everbright Bank—headquartered in Beijing with a total of 807 branch outlets—wanted to differentiate their services in order to increase their competitiveness in the marketplace. The Bank and Datacard Group jointly developed an instant issuance program with the primary goal of enhancing the customer experience. The program was designed to allow customers to walk into a local bank branch, choose a personalized background picture for their credit card, and receive the new card within 70 seconds.

Apple FCU Partners with Entrust Datacard for Instant Issuance

Since 1956, Apple Federal Credit Union has been serving Northern Virginia as a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative. They needed to find the right partner to upgrade their existing issuance solution so it could differentiate itself in the marketplace and continue to provide the exceptional service its members have come to expect. After an extensive search, Apple FCU chose Entrust Datacard to upgrade its current solution in all 22 of its branches.

Goldpac Adapts to Rapid Growth and Dynamic Card Production Demands (Chinese)

Goldpac is a large-scale secure payment solutions provider and leading manufacturer of financial cards and financial data processing in the Asia- Pacific region, with global personalized production and service capabilities. Goldpac needed to eliminate bottlenecks in their financial card production system to respond to surging, dynamic demand. Golpac leveraged the Datacard® Job Enablement and Data Access software modules to create new automation features and a central management platform for the Goldpac production management system.

Advancing Debit Card Program With Instant Issuance - Liberty Bank of Connecticut

The debit card has become a phenomenon in the payment market. According to the 2007 Federal Reserve Payment Study, debit card payments rose 17.5 percent per year to 25.3 billion transactions in 2006 compared to 15.6 billion in 2003. Debit’s strong growth likely indicates that debit transactions are replacing cash, check and even credit card transactions, according to KRC Research.

Team One Credit Union Increases Customer Satisfaction

Team One Credit Union recognized the importance of attracting and sustaining loyal members and therefore chose to implement a financial instant issuance solution featuring Datacard CardWizard software and Datacard FCP 20/20 financial card printers. The credit union has seen a 10 percent increase in card usage as a result.

Card Wizard Client Quotes (Russian)

Learn what our clients have to say about CardWizard® Software

ANB Bank Implements Instant Issuance to Exceed Customer Expectations

ANB Bank is headquartered in Denver, Colo., with 33 bank branches spanning Colorado, Wyoming, and Kansas City. They were looking to eliminate the traditional waiting period for debit cards to be mailed to customers, in order to enhance customer experience. By utilizing an instant issuance solution featuring the Datacard CardWizard issuance software and associated hardware and supplies, the bank has positioned themselves as a top competitor in the market, and has received positive customer feedback.

Citizens Bank of Las Cruces Gains a Competitive Advantage

With community excitement built around their local high school programs, Citizens Bank of Las Cruces found a way to capitalize on this high school rivalry, and offer a program to its customers that would increase revenue and customer service, as well as give back to their community.

Citizens Banks of Las Cruces Responds to Customers’ Needs

By partnering with Datacard Group and utilizing Datacard® Instant Issuance Solutions, the community bank was able to increase customer satisfaction, while reducing expedited shipping expenses and overall disruption to their business.

State Employees' Credit Union - Raleigh, North Carolina

Alleviate members' growing concerns about the credit union's member identification policy, which was seen as overly intrusive. Create member ID cards and add member photos to credit and debit cards at all branches