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Government ID Cards & Passports

National IDs

Governments must issue highly secure national ID cards to effectively minimize identity theft, manage immigration and maintain accurate civil registry data. Multi-application cards, e-government IDs and converged identity documents create complex security considerations.

national ID

With Datacard® integrated national ID card solutions, governments can cost-effectively issue national ID cards with the most advanced personalization technologies available.
  • Work with an experienced, dedicated government team that has deployed highly secure national ID programs in more than 40 countries worldwide.
  • Avoid guesswork, minimize risk and achieve faster implementation with integrated components already designed and tested to work together.
  • Provide secure, high quality personalization using laser engraving and D2T2 or pigment ink retransfer technologies.
  • Provide the strongest defense against alteration with custom laminates that feature unique tamper evidence and unsurpassed adhesion.
  • Contain costs with highly durable cards, precise quality control systems and reduced implementation, testing and configuration time.
  • Meet level 1, 2 and 3 inspection requirements with multi-layered national ID cards.


Datacard Group solves complex identity issues for governments worldwide. Government agencies trust Datacard to provide secure identification solutions for over 325 ID programs in more than 95 countries including national IDs, travel documents, driver’s licenses, healthcare ID’s, smart IDs and e-government applications. Here is why:

  • Maximum efficiency. Datacard offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that that optimize efficiencies addresses for enrollment, personalization, issuance anddelivery and post-issuance management. We help governments establish secure identification programs that optimize efficiency.
  • Superior security. As a central figure in highly secure government programs, Datacard has developed a thorough understanding of industry best practices, standards and regulations. Our innovative technologies deliver increased security from enrollment through post-issuance.
  • Smooth deployment. Easy to implement in the most demanding environments, Datacard solutions help ensure smooth integration and fast installation. Modular software and hardware designs easily accommodate evolving requirements, new technologies and other changes.
  • Extensive global experience. Every day, Datacard solutions are used to personalize and deliver 10 million cards, five million smart cards and 35,000 passports worldwide. We support government agencies and integrators with a world-class service network that spans 120 countries.

The State of North Dakota

With the Datacard® SP75 card printer, the state of North Dakota can easily issue secure driver's licenses and ID cards.

Datacard Group Helps Slovakia Enhance Security of Government IDs

The Slovakian Ministry of Interior wanted to use an integrated platform to issue five various types of government-issued cards. Their objective was to increase the security and efficiency of multiple card programs. The new Datacard solution, which was deployed in late 2011, allows for fast, secure issuance of e-national IDs (eNIDs), driver’s licenses, border crossing cards, vehicle registration cards and resident permits.

The State of Ohio Drivers' Licenses

The state of Ohio awarded L-1 Identity Solutions Company a statewide contract for over-the counter issuance of driver’s licenses and identification cards (DL/IDs).

Ontario DL Success Story July 20 2008

Ontario DL Success Story July 20 2008

The Leading Edge of Border Security

Managing the movement of a billion people across the world’s borders has exponentially increased the need for new security features. Beyond the record-high numbers, new threats continue to emerge, undermining traditional ways of creating secure identities.

Datacard Government Services Provides Printer Solution for the Thailand Ministry of Interior

The Thailand Ministry of Interior is rolling out phase two of its national ID plan. The national ID plan involves issuing eight to ten million national IDs to its citizens 15 years or older at both central and remote locations.

Singapore Launches Card Based Drivers License Program

The government of Singapore required a drivers license program to replace the former paper based license with an automated plastic card issuance process.

Commonwealth of Virgina Case Study

With a challenge to improve the efficiency, security and auditability of voter check-in and eliminate the need for traditional paper poll books, the Commonwealth of Virginia used the Datacard® Advocate™ precinct management system to achieve their goals.

Government Success Story: Mexican Finance Ministry Implements Smart Card Access Control System

The Datacard systems were successfully integrated with other hardware components to provide a complete access control solution.

Saskatchewan Government Issues Digitized Drivers License

Saskatchewan Government Insurance, a Crown Corporation owned by the provincial government handles 750,000 drivers license transactions annually. The critical requirements were to issue a secure drivers license, which included a color photo with a data reference bar code in an efficient manner.

British Columbia Enhanced Driver’s Licence (EDL)

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) needed to upgrade drivers’ licences for citizens of British Columbia to include a radio frequency identification technology (RFID) chip that will help facilitate traveler processing at the U.S. borders.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Chooses Datacard® Identification Solution

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) needed a software and printer solution for their identification program, consisting of identification cards with a digitally produced color photo, name, identification number, issue date and bar code. The card includes magnetic stripe encoding and is used for identification in commissaries, pharmacies and for other programs.

Ukraine Launches Card Based Driver's License Program

The Government of Ukraine required a program to replace a former paper-based license and vehicle registration certificate (VRC) with an automated plastic card issuance process.

Guatemala National Identity Card

When Guatemala decided to institute a national identity card system to reduce benefits fraud, it wanted an electronic state-of-the-art system that would improve the process of citizen authentication on a countrywide basis.

Guinea Bissau Opts for Secure National ID Card to Combat Fraud

Due to a surge in falsification, the National Identity Card of Guinea Bissau was in need of improvements. In an effort to achieve new levels of security and modernize the existing paper-based system, new technologies were implemented including application development, systems and network design, database design and optimization, biometrics and encryption.

State of Michoacán, Mexico Launches Drivers License Program

The state of Michoacán in Mexico needed a solution to issue approximately 250,000 driver licenses per year to its state residents. The program would have to encompass 52 offices throughout the state with the capability to instantly issue the drivers license from each local office.

Government Solutions: Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative Introduces the Passport Card

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) program was introduced to make it easier for U.S. citizens to cross borders by land and sea into and from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean, while maintaining border security.

Imprimerie Nationale Selects Datacard Group for Inline Passport Solution

The Imprimerie Nationale is the official supplier and printer to the French Government, providing innovative and secure solutions. They wanted to streamline operations on a highly automated solution while continuing to enhance security for their biometric e-passports; they selected Datacard Group’s passport solution to achieve these goals.

Datacard™ Electronic Poll Book Solution case study

Malaysia Issues First Multi-Application Government Smart Card

Malaysia is issuing the world’s first government multiapplication smart cards; Government Multipurpose Card (GMPC). The project is one of seven flagship applications launched by the Malaysian Government. The long-term objectives of developing such applications supports Malaysia’s goal to transform and establish processes using the latest cutting-edge technologies to support the current technological infrastructure and social system.

Spain Launches Driver's License Program

The Government of Spain issued a new drivers license utilizing the latest technology while conforming to the established European Union Standard. The license, which contains highly secure laser engraving, has an estimated issuance of four million cards per year and will replace paper-based inkjet licenses.

Datacard® Solutions Modernize Albanian National Id and Passport Issuance

In order to modernize Albania’s existing paper-based system, the new national ID solution needed to integrate the latest identification technologies for application development, systems and network design, database design and optimization, biometrics and encryption.

The Productive Precinct: Improving Efficiency With Electronic Poll Books

Across the country, election administrators are improving poll site efficiency by replacing traditional paper poll books with electronic poll books (EPBs). EPBs address many of the issues inherent in the production, delivery and usage of paper poll books. They enable faster check-in, eliminate printing costs and improve post-election data management, among other benefits.

High Security Identification Documents

In this article, a new framework is delivered for considering and evaluating key trade-offs in selecting and designing a secure identification program. This framework articulates a step-by-step process for determining the right mix of Quality, Security, Durability and Cost (QSDC) to manage that risk.

Taking a Holistic Approach – Best Practices for Over-the-Counter Government ID Card Programs

Government organizations are regularly challenged to optimize their secure ID programs to ensure that they continuously combat daily threats — from protecting identities and proprietary information, to ensuring that the card they produce is a high-quality document that will be consistent in appearance and closely match all other documents issued in the same ID program.

The Leading Edge of Border Security

Managing the movement of a billion people across the world’s borders has exponentially increased the need for new security features. Beyond the record-high numbers, new threats continue to emerge, undermining traditional ways of creating secure identities.

Using QSDC To Optimize the Laser Engraving of ID Documents

Laser marking of ID documents is increasingly becoming the new standard for personalization and security, with a recent and sharp rise in implementation across many types of ID documents around the globe. To gain insight on this rapid growth, laser-marking technology will be examined using the QSDC best practice methodology. This examination will also shed light on the importance of following best practices and the value of working with an experienced technology provider.

Designing an ID Document for Enhanced Security

This paper is intended as a reference for government officials considering how best to issue secure IDs. Because there are trade-offs with each model and different requirements for each issuing agency, there is no “best” method.

Convergence of Government Programs With Other Card Sectors

Many technologies are converging in the use and application of identification cards as a result of unprecedented growth in the demand for optimum national security throughout the globe.

ID Credential Issuance: Central vs. Over-the-Counter Issuance

With growing concern over the security and effectiveness of every ID System, organizations today are increasingly requiring a broad review of business issues as a critical step in preparing for new and more secure ID issuance. This paper is intended as a reference for government officials considering how best to issue secure IDs.

ISO/IEC Working Groups Are a Key Driver for ID Security

In the ID card and government ID sector, the major benefits of standardization are to ensure interoperability and commonality between technologies, data elements and interpretation, as well as to make machine-readable documents easier to read and be recognized. This paper is intended to provide an overview of SC17 and its nine individual sub-working groups or committees and how they work together globally and nationally to bring a high level of value to the ID industry.

How to Personalize a Passport: A Comparison of Available Digital Print Personalization Technologies for Passports

Over the last 10 years digital print personalization and the incorporation of biometric-carrying chips have revolutionized the way passports are manufactured, personalized, issued and used. The ceaseless activities of counterfeiters and criminals, and the spectacular growth in passenger numbers, are the twin drivers for change. Governments are faced with many factors to consider when choosing passport personalization technologies including quality, security, durability, throughput, cost and legacy systems, as well as the appropriate level of automation and centralization.

Durability of Smart Cards for Government eID

To be successful, a Government eID smart card program faces many trade-offs. The right combination of components for the complete use chain must be carefully selected and qualified to help ensure that the card will meet the extended life requirements of Government eID cards and does not have to be reissued before its expected life time.