Datacard MX6100 Card Issuance System

MX6100 Card Issuance System

Defy today’s card issuance challenges

New security threats and shifting customer expectations test the limits of your card operations as cost pressures intensify. Face these mounting challenges head-on with a system designed for today’s card issuance realities. The Datacard® MX6100™ card issuance system delivers the security, versatility and economy you need to help sustain—and maximize—profitability into the future.

  • Satisfy growing customer demand for customization
  • Increase real-world throughput by up to 20%*
  • Streamline smart card handling
  • Automate quality assurance

*Compared to Datacard® MX6000™ card issuance system


All of the most advanced central issuance capabilities come together in virtually endless configurations to create the world’s most comprehensive card issuance system. From complex, customized batches to high-volume runs — this system will help you deliver with relentless efficiency.

Ultimate True Field Modularity - Choose from a full suite of personalization technologies and card delivery options. Start with exactly what you need today and expand as your needs change.

Relentless Efficiency – Get real-world throughput of up to 1,800 cards per hour -- plus nonstop handling of multiple small jobs. Powerful new personalization modules and system controller software make it possible.

Smart Card Productivity - Deliver any combination of contact, contactless, dual interface or combi smart cards with a barrel dual interface personalization module and choice of couplers.

Quality Assurance - Reduce errors and waste by verifying physical and electronic card elements inline. Astonishing inline capabilities reduce the need for manual inspection and directly increase throughput. Cost savings are magnified when issuing smart cards.

Complete Inline Issuance. Minimize operations with inline automation from blank card-to-finished mailing. Reduce preprinting and inventory management costs while differentiating your card offering.


System controller
The system controller features an easy-to-use graphical interface plus the hardware and software required to control the activities of each card personalization module, the data it handles and the system as a whole.

Card input module 
Feeds cards into the system with high reliability. Multiple card input modules allow issuers to use different plastic card stocks to increase efficiency or add capacity for large, complex jobs.

Card cleaning module 
Removes damaging dirt, dust and contaminants from both sides of each plastic card in a single pass prior to graphics or color card printing.

Vision verification module
Provides inline plastic card stock verification and visual check of personalized cards, which improves data integrity and helps reduce the risk of errors.

Magnetic stripe encoding module 
Writes one to three tracks of data in parallel with read/write heads that support all ISO, AAMVA and JIS encoding formats and common coercivity requirements.

MM module
Reads information embedded in the card and creates a magnetic stripe security feature for EC debit cards in the German financial market.

OCR-B/Bar code scanner module
Reads pre-printed serial numbers, document control numbers and bar codes on cards to secure card blanks and sends data to the controller.

Barrel Dual Interface Smart Card Personalization Module 
The latest technology for high volume production. Personalize contact, contactless, dual interface and hybrid cards in a single module. Supports up to:

  • 24 contact heads only or
  • 12 contactless /dual heads or
  • 12 contact heads and 12 contactless / dual heads

Graphics printing module 
Prints monochrome custom graphics — including text, logos, bar codes, signatures and fingerprints — on PVC cards using thermal transfer technology.

Color printing module 
Prints directly on the card with dye diffusion thermal transfer technology that allows near-edge 300 dpi color printing of photos and images on custom cards, secure ID cards and other payment cards.

Datacard® Artista® VHD retransfer color printing module 
Creates brilliant, custom cards with true edge-to-edge, 600 dpi color images using pigment ink retransfer technology to improve quality, operational efficiency and help reduce lead times, inventory and preprinting costs.

Laser engraving module 
Engraves variable-sized photos, alphanumeric text, bar codes, black-and-white logos and other graphical elements for increased card security using state-of-the-art, grayscale laser card technology.

Basic topcoat module
Applies clear or holographic topcoats with full edge-to-edge coverage to protect graphics and color printed images.

Datacard® CardGard™ UV-curing topcoat module
Applies full-card, state-of-the art card protective topcoat to embossed, indented or flat cards using a patented method and material to extend card life.

Datacard® DuraGard® laminate module 
Improves card durability and security by applying DuraGard module that incorporate some of the most advanced card security and durability features available.

Embossing module 
Ensures high-quality, ISO-compliant card embossing and indent printing with tightly aligned character-to-character spacing, consistent text height and location.

Topping module 
Applies colored topping foil material to embossed characters, making them attractive and easier to read.

Secure indent module
Delivers high quality indent printing adding tactile elements to national IDs, driver’s licenses and other ID cards. This technology accommodates multiple fonts and special characters including outline, pattern and custom characters. Supports indent printing on the front, rear or both sides of the card in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

Quality assurance module
Verifies and reads both optical and electronic elements of each card that passes through the system which includes embossing and indenting characters, topping quality, graphics and color printing, laser engraving, magnetic stripe and smart card data as well as facial recognition through pattern matching, all which helps reduce costly manual quality inspections and increase production efficiencies. \

Label affixing module 
Applies a wide variety of removable adhesive labels to plastic cards with accurate placement and consistent alignment.

Card flipper module 
Rotates cards for back-side personalization using a front-side personalization module.

Single card buffer module
Reach maximum card production speeds of 1,800 cards per hour for applications that require multiple  modules

Multi-card buffer module 
Increases efficiency by holding or passing cards to maintain card order when rejects occur, or system configuration includes modules with different throughputs. 

Card output module 
Stacks good cards and rejected cards in separate trays. Multiple card output modules allow issuers to expand output capacity, or to allow plastic cards to be grouped for downstream processing/handling or for varying delivery methods.

Inline card delivery
Use the Datacard® MXD™ card delivery system or Datacard® MXD™ Lite card delivery system to print forms and affix cards you can also add the MXi™ envelope insertion system to create powerful, highly personalized mail packages.  All three of these systems are inline to achieve a single step operation providing superior efficiency.

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