CardWizard Instant Issuance Software

CardWizard Instant Issuance Software

Issue ready-to-use cards instantly

Improve profitability in your financial card program.
Datacard® CardWizard® issuance software is the world’s best-selling instant issuance solution for Visa® and MasterCard® credit and debit cards. With more than 7,500 installations worldwide and over 15 years of experience, Entrust Datacard empowers financial institutions and retailers of all sizes to put ready-to-use cards into the customer’s hands instantly. Instant issuance helps you increase activation rates and card usage, while improving customer satisfaction. It also helps reduce costs associated with card pre-printing, inventory management and mailings.

  • Enhance customer relationships and increase profitability by raising service levels.
  • Deploy a complete solution — software, PIN solutions, card printers, professional services and supplies.
  • Strengthen and differentiate your brand with new and current cardholders.


Designed for Branch Issuance
CardWizard software is designed to support your evolving issuance needs, whenever and wherever your business demands—whether it’s new card accounts, emergency card replacement, low-volume re-issuance or PIN services. CardWizard software is designed to support a variety of branch issuance workflows including instant issuance, queued issuance and low-volume batch issuance.

Card Choice
Our suite of instant issuance systems gives you the flexibility to start with the cardstock of your choice and end with the type of cards you want to issue – with the ability to support  all of your card products from one multi-hopper system.

EMV® and PBOC 2.0 Compliant
Simplify smart card issuance utilizing industry-leading data preparation solutions — including Datacard® Affina® issuance management software, Datacard® Adaptive Issuance Key Manager Software and Datacard® Syntera® customization software. More than 5 million smart cards are issued each year using these Datacard® solutions.

Full Range of PIN Solutions
CardWizard software is integrated with a full range of PIN pads and encoders for new PIN selection, re-PIN, PIN change, PIN transfer and Pre-PIN.

Reporting and Administrative Tools
CardWizard software offers a wide variety of setup, production, and administrative reporting options. These features allow issuers to create, monitor and report on card issuance activities based on their requirements.

Security Compliance
Safeguard your cardholders’ information and personalization data. End-to-end encryption capabilities protects your data in transit and at rest. CardWizard software been audited for PCI PA-DSS compliance and also meets instant issuance security standards established by both Visa and MasterCard.

Support for PIN Solutions
For a complete end-to-end solution, CardWizard software is integrated with a full range of PIN pads and encoders that support new PIN selection, re-PIN, PIN change,  PIN transfer and pre-PIN.

Optimized for Self-Service Kiosk Issuance
Connect your business to valuable opportunities in the fast-rising self-service kiosk market with the Datacard® CardWizard® software and the Datacard® CE870™ instant issuance system — a kiosk-optimized instant issuance solution featuring secure embossing and indenting. Cardwizard software offers advanced program functionality and integration to a range of kiosk configurations— all backed by the market-leading experience of the Datacard® brand.


Smart Card Issuance
Integration with Datacard® Affina® issuance management software and Datacard® Adaptive Issuance Key Manager Software enables: (1) data preparation; (2) smart card personalization; (3) key management; and (4) interaction with the hardware security module (HSM).

Card Management and Card Authorization System Integration
CardWizard software is integrated with more than 30 card management and card authorization systems, streamlining the issuance process and making implementation fast and efficient.

Background Image Service
This innovative service gives your cardholders the option to choose from a gallery of pre-selected card background images enhancing the customer experience.

Background Image Interface Service
CardWizard software can interface to existing 3rd party image services allowing you to print custom, cardholder-selected photos making each background image unique to the cardholder.

Photo Image Service
This service supports most digital cameras, webcams and signature pads for capturing and printing photos and digital signatures on cards. It also stores images for future use.

Client Modules
CardWizard® software offers the widest selection of web-based client options that are designed to support a variety of card production and administrative workflow requirements.

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