An unflagging commitment to quality

Datacard Group's worldwide reputation has been built for decades not only by our products, but by our continuous commitment to quality in every aspect of serving our customers.

As part of our ongoing effort to ensure the highest level of quality, Datacard has launched key initiatives to ensure that our products and services meet the most demanding standards in the industry:

ISO 9001 Certification
In 2002, Datacard's quality management systems became registered as compliant with the International Standard ISO 9001:2000. The quality certification was achieved after an intense review of the company's quality processes. The review was conducted with help from Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI), one of the world's leading ISO registrars. While the standard has been updated and is now referred to as ISO 9001:2008, Datacard has continued to maintain this distinction.

Recognized as a Quality Assurance standard around the world, ISO 9001 confirms to our customers that Datacard's quality management processes and systems meet exacting international standards of excellence.

For more details, view our certificates of approval: Minnetonka, Minnesota (Corporate Headquarters) ; Oakdale, Minnesota; and Suzhou, China.

Six Sigma
Technically, the "Six Sigma" standard means achieving a defect rate of 3.4 parts per million, or virtually defect-free. But in today's global companies Six Sigma also means striving to achieve the highest quality standards away from the production line, from customer service and supplier relationships to the overall performance of the company. Datacard's quality assurance initiatives now include Six Sigma "Black Belt" teams who champion core Six Sigma concepts within the organization.

Our Quality Policy
At Datacard, we believe that quality is defined by our customers. Therefore we are committed to providing products and services based upon our customers' perceived value, and resolve to continually improve in order to exceed their expectations.

Our Vision Statement
Datacard is dedicated to being the undisputed leader in secure identity and card personalization solutions through innovation and commitment to our customers.