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A critical element of all issuance programs is ensuring the right choice of supplies that not only deliver high-quality results, but also optimize the performance of your system. We engineer superior performance and reliability into every system-matched supply item we offer, meeting or exceeding industry standards. The result is consistent printing, brilliant image quality, high security and exceptional performance for your card program.


Datacard Intelligent Supplies Technology™

Datacard has developed exclusive Intelligent Supplies Technology™ to communicate directly with your Datacard® system. This patented radio frequency technology is used to identify the supply item as a genuine Datacard® Certified Supply, providing optimal system performance.

Advantages of Intelligent Supplies Technology™

  • Optimize Performance: systems and supplies communicate and adjust automatically to ensure exceptional printer performance and output quality.
  • Improve Productivity: our automated “low supply” alert allows you to prepare for supply changes and reduces down time.
  • Increase Operational Efficiency: system verifies that the correct supply item and amount are loaded eliminating the need for unnecessary interruptions.

Get the most out of your card program using genuine Datacard® Certified Supplies.


Look for our distinctive blue cores with platinum flecks® to make sure you are using Datacard® Certified Supplies.