Telecommunications Cards


Datacard Telecommunication Card Printing and Encoding

Long Distance Calling Cards

Prepaid calling cards require fast, accurate personalization that involves bar code printing, magnetic stripe encoding or applying scratch-off foil over a printed PIN code. Thriving in the competitive long distance calling card market requires operational excellence.

Long Distance Cards

With Datacard® pre-paid calling card solutions, your long distance calling card program can:

  • Maximize throughput for large and small batches
  • Reduce cost-per-card in the short- and long-term
  • Achieve fast turnaround for high-priority jobs
  • Minimize total cost of global operations

Issuers around the world trust Datacard to create highly successful card programs. Here is why:

  • Essential benefits. We help establish programs that maximize security and optimize efficiency while reducing risk and total cost of operation.
  • Comprehensive portfolio. Our solutions include innovative software, reliable hardware, secure supplies and expert service with a global footprint.
  • Collaborative approach. Datacard collaborates with customers, working on-site and side-by-side to solve complex problems.
  • Flexibility. Flexibility is critical for meeting specific needs. Our solutions can easily adapt to new requirements, technologies and processes.
  • Smooth deployment. Refined in the most demanding environments, our solutions help ensure smooth integration and installation, so they can be deployed with confidence.
  • Extensive experience. Every day, our solutions are used to personalize and deliver 10 million cards and five million smart cards.

Exponential Growth
Global growth in the GSM/SIM market is unprecedented. According to industry analysts, production of SIM cards will reach one billion annually by 2012. Most of this growth is occurring in the BRIC countries and other emerging markets, where mobile phones deploy much faster than payment cards. Because of this, pricing pressure continues to increase and cost-efficiency is more critical than ever.

Datacard® solutions are designed to maximize throughput while keeping cost-per-card low and minimizing total cost of operations. Modularity makes it easy and cost-effective to start with the infrastructure you need today, then add capabilities as card volumes rise.

Technology Convergence
Just as market growth is exploding, telecommunications technology is changing at a record pace. Technology convergence around smart phones is powerful, with new ways to use multi-application smart cards and M2M technology appearing regularly. Adapting current issuance programs to accommodate new technologies will be vital for maintaining a strong market position.

This is why Datacard® solutions emphasize flexibility. When you deploy a card program that is designed to change over time, it is much easier and more cost-effective to support new form factors (including microSD cards and SMD components) and deploy new applications. Our solutions also make it easier to meet new requirements for security and post-issuance management, as well as establish stronger connections with third-party application and service providers.

Flexibility is also important during smart card personalization, because systems need to load large files using fast protocols (such as UBS and MMC) and integrate multiple encoding heads to support longer personalization times.