Download One or All of Our EMV Webinars, For Free!

    With the 2015 liability shift right around the corner, Entrust Datacard is committed to ensuring you have the knowledge, tools and resources to help your organization through the EMV migration path. We are excited to announce our free, EMV Webinar series designed specifically for you. Depending on where you are at in the EMV migration path, you can decide on which webinar best fits your needs.

    Join us in January for our next series on EMV topics. You may also download a recording from our current series below. We will continue to update this page with more information.


    1. Overview of Payment Cards

    In this webinar you will learn the basics of chip cards as well as how EMV chip card programs would have positively affected the recent retail data breaches.


    2. The Future of EMV

    Have you heard about the 2015 EMV liability shift? In this webinar, we will discuss details about where EMV is headed and the technology considerations to keep top-of-mind to ensure customer satisfaction.


    3. EMV Implementation - Entrust Datacard® Instant Issuance Customers

    Attention Entrust Datacard customers! This webinar was designed specifically for you. This is your chance to learn the steps needed in order to launch a successful EMV instant issuance chip card program.