Self-Service Issuance Products and Services

Self-service is becoming an important aspect in delivering a multi-channel experience for today’s consumer. Take your instant issuance program to the next level and exceed rising customer expectations for secure, convenient, anytime services with Datacard® kiosk enhanced solutions. The Datacard® kiosk solution is designed to adapt to the growing card issuance opportunities and continued innovations in the financial services industry for standalone issuance of EMV credit, debit and prepaid cards.


Our desktop instant issuance systems, enhanced for kiosk integration, empower you to deliver highly secure cards with captivating, fully personalized designs in any self-service environment. Simple operation, proven performance and a cost-effective, flexible platform protect your investment.

Software & PIN Pads

Protect cardholder data and ensure secure instant credit card and debit card issuance with Datacard® software solutions. From credit to debit to EMV payment cards, our easy-to-use software enables simplified management and integration of your entire instant issuance program.

Service Offerings

Entrust Datacard offers comprehensive services covering Planning and Design; Implementation and Training; and a variety of options for Technical Support including First Line Supplies Management, On-Call, Rapid Replacement, and Depot. Our service portfolio covers the entire spectrum of needs, from assessing your issuance environment, to implementing a customized system and training users, to optimizing your system and providing ongoing support and expertise.


Ensuring a reliable stock of high-quality supplies maximizes the performance of your issuance system and empowers you to consistently deliver high-quality results through your issuance program. Datacard® delivers superior performance and reliability into every system-matched supply item we offer — meeting or exceeding industry standards. The result is consistent printing, brilliant image quality, high security and exceptional performance for your card program.