Installing the Card Printer Driver


Before you can print cards, you need to install the printer driver for your card printer.

You typically install the Card Printer Driver using the CD shipped with the printer. However, if you do not have access to the installation CD, you can install the driver from the downloaded Card Printer Driver installation file.

The Datacard XPS Card Printer Driver uses Microsoft XPS print technology to support card production using the SD160, SD260, SD260L, SD360, SD460, CD800, CD820 and CE840 systems.

Downloading the Printer Driver Installation File from

Download the installation file from the website:

  1. Choose Drivers & Downloads from the Support & Drivers menu.

  2. Type the printer name in the text box, e.g., SD460, and then click Go.

  3. The search result displays your printer model with support links to its right.
    Click Drivers & Downloads.

  4. At the Drivers page, click Datacard XPS Card Printer Driver v6.2 for Microsoft Windows operating systems to start the installation.

  5. The License Agreement appears. After you read it, click I Agree to continue with the installation.

  6. Depending on your browser, you may either run or save the installation file.
    For this example, choose Run.

Note: If your network security configuration prevents you from downloading or installing the Card Printer Driver installation file, ask your network support personnel for assistance.

  1. The XPS Card Printer Installer dialog box appears notifying you NOT to plug in the printer until instructed. If necessary, disconnect the cable from your printer. Click OK.

Caution: When you install the driver with a USB connection, DO NOT connect the USB cable to the printer until instructed. If you start this procedure with the USB cable connected, problems can result.

  1. The XPS Card Printer Installation Welcome page appears. Select the printer/PC communication method you are using: either a USB or a network connection.
    For this example, choose Install a USB Printer.

See the XPS Card Printer Driver User’s Guide for instructions for installing the printer driver using a network connection as well as additional information on the printer driver.

  1. The Card Printer Driver Installer displays the Software License Agreement. Click Accept to continue with the installation.

  2. The installer displays the instruction to plug in the USB data cable. Plug in and power on the printer. Make sure that the cards and ribbon are loaded correctly. The LCD panel displays Ready when the printer is completely powered on.

The Card Printer Driver begins loading.

  1. If you have ID software installed on your computer, the Install the Plug‐In screen displays as part of the Card Printer Driver installation. Click Yes and follow the installation instructions to install the XPS Card Printer plug‐in.

After the Card Printer Driver and any plug‐in software are installed, the Installation Complete page appears.

  1. Test your printer by printing a sample card. Make sure that Ready displays on the LCD screen, and click Print Sample Card.

  • Printers that do not have a printhead installed cannot print a sample card to verify driver operation.

  • SD160 printers that are configured to print rewritable cards cannot print the driver sample card at this time. Refer to “Printer Setup for Rewritable Cards” in the XPS Card Printer Driver User’s Guide for complete information about printing rewritable cards.

  • For information about how to print a printer test card, refer to the printer’s User’s Guide

  1. If necessary, you can install additional support files. Click the second icon (upper left) on the Welcome page, and select the items you want to install (such as legacy support files for enhanced backward compatibility).

  2. Click Exit to close the program.

The End