Removing a Card Jam - SD160 and SD260


V. Removing a Card Jam
A card jam occurs when the card does not reach the proper position for the next action, such as printing or ejecting the card. You usually can resolve the error by pressing the User button so that the printer displays Ready. If the error persists, do the following to remove the card from the printer.

  1. Open the printer.
  2. Remove the print ribbon cartridge.
  3. Turn the manual advance knob to move the jammed card until it is accessible from the rollers or exits into the output hopper.
  4. Remove the card.
  5. Replace the ribbon cartridge and close the printer.
  6. Press the User button on the printer or click Retry in the PC message.

VI. Ribbon Repair
A ribbon can break if the power applied by the printhead is too high. Do the following to repair a broken ribbon.

  1. Open the printer and remove the print ribbon cartridge.
  2. Trim the ends of the broken ribbon evenly.
  3. Align the ends of the broken ribbon and apply adhesive tape to secure them.
  4. Turn the take‐up spool counterclockwise until the mended portion is wound around the spool two or three turns.
  5. Reinstall the print ribbon cartridge in the printer.
  6. Close the printer.
  7. Press the User button.
The End