Running the Cleaning Card - SD160 and SD260


Run a cleaning card to clean debris from the inside of the printer and from the hopper rollers. The cleaning card can remove most contaminants from the printer. Run a cleaning card after every 250 cards processed by the printer, or more often depending on your environment or if print quality diminishes.

  1. Prepare the printer for cleaning.
    1. Power on the printer.
    2. Open the printer cover and remove the print ribbon cartridge.
    3. Close the cover.
    4. Open the input hopper and remove any unprinted cards.
    5. Open the cleaning card package and remove the cleaning card.
    6. Load the cleaning card in the input hopper. (Plan to clean the printer immediately. The cleaning card dries out if it is out of its package for more than a few minutes.)
    7. If you have a manual feed printer, wait to insert the cleaning card until the LCD panel displays the message "Insert cleaning card."
  2. Use the LCD menu system to start the cleaning cycle.
    1. Begin when the printer displays Ready and the USER button shows steady green. Press the User button. Suspended appears on line 1 of the LCD panel.
    2. Press Return to enter the menu system.
    3. Maintenance appears on line 2 of the LCD panel. Press Return to enter the Maintenance menu.
    4. Cleaning Card appears on line 2 of the LCD panel. Press Returnto enter the Cleaning Card menu.
    5. Start appears on line 2 of the LCD panel. Press Return to start the cleaning process.
    6. Insert cleaning card appears on the LCD panel. If the cleaning card is not in the input hopper, or if you have a manual feed printer, insert the cleaning card now. Press the User button to start the cleaning cycle. The printer moves the card through the printer several times and ejects it into the output hopper.
  3. Remove the used cleaning card. Wait a few minutes for the rollers to dry.
  4. Prepare the printer for use.
    1. Replace the cards in the input hopper.
    2. Install a new cleaning sleeve on the ribbon cartridge and remove the protective cover. Refer to the video, "Loading the Printer Ribbon and Cleaning Sleeve," for the steps to follow.
    3. Replace the ribbon cartridge and close the printer cover. Press down on the ridges on the front of the cover to make sure that it latches completely. Press the User button to return the printer to Ready. The printer is available to print cards again.
    4. Discard the used cleaning card and cleaning sleeve.
The End