Datacard® MPR5800™ card production and personalization

MPR5800 Card Production and Personalization

Fast, flexible and profitable

The Datacard® MPR5800™ card production and personalization system is ideal for card bureaus and card manufacturers requiring high speed solutions for GSM card personalization. The system can personalize cards up to 10,000 cards per hour. A single MPR5800 system is able to personalize more than 5 million SIM cards per month.

  • Deliver up to 10,000 cards per hour.
  • Personalize up to five million SIM cards per month.
  • Issue a wide range of personalized financial cards.



High productivity
The MPR5800 system provides fast, flexible personalization of SIM cards for mobile phones. It produces up to 10,000 cards per hour, or more than five million SIM cards every month.

A module design, allowing onsite upgrades to support up to 6 lasers and up to 72 chip personalization heads makes the system ideal to rapidly integrate changing requirements. The system can personalize contact, contactless and dual interface cards. The chip personalization module is able to support double SIM cards, with up to 72 double heads when using 2 modules.

Powerful laser solutions
The new Multi Rapid Laser module offers laser technology for SIM card personalization for greater security and high speeds whilst reducing operation and maintenance costs. Using the Multi Rapid Laser module, two 50 watts lasers are enough to print all data required for SIM cards with a throughput of 10,000 cards per hour. The module supports various laser brands and fiber technology.

Comprehensive security
System-level security features on the MPR5800 system authenticate operators and enable administrators to control access to data, applications and specific jobs.


Magnetic stripe encoding
Encode up to 6,000 cards per hour with a flexible range of capabilities, including ISO encoding tracks 1, 2 and 3, HiCo/LoCo and JIS2.

Smart card personalization
Securely encode contact, contactless or dual chips using a smart card barrel with 36 programming stations for exceptionally fast personalization.

Laser engraving
Engrave variable-sized photos, text, bar codes, logos and other graphics quickly and accurately, using up to six lasers.

Vision registration/control
Ensure correct alignment of personalization data with preprinted information to meet strict requirements.

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