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Toll Collection Cards

Automated toll collection on the go

Nowhere have automated toll collection cards become more urgently needed than on today's congested highways. Traditional toll collection systems that bring traffic to a halt as well as requiring money collection simply add to the problem.

Toll Collection Card

Datacard can help transit authorities create a better solution by issuing contactless smart cards compatible with a dashboard transponder that automatically pays toll—allowing drivers to pay without searching for change or even stopping. The cards can also be designed for multiple uses as a transit or parking card, ensuring maximum convenience for the commuter from home to business and back again.

Transit agencies around the world trust Datacard to create highly successful card programs. Here is why:

  • Essential benefits. We help establish programs that maximize security and optimize efficiency while reducing risk and total cost of operation.
  • Superior security. We enable customers to create highly secure identity documents that protect people, facilities, networks and other critical resources.
  • Best practices. As a central figure in highly secure programs worldwide, Datacard has deep knowledge of industry best practices and can give customers direct access to it.
  • Legacy of innovation. Our first innovation enabled mass issuance of credit cards. We continue to develop technology that improves security, productivity and ease of use.
  • Comprehensive portfolio. Our solutions include innovative software, reliable hardware, secure supplies and expert service with a global footprint.
  • Collaborative approach. Datacard collaborates with customers, working on-site and side-by-side to solve complex problems.
  • Flexibility. Flexibility is critical for meeting specific needs. Our solutions can easily adapt to new requirements, technologies and processes.
  • Smooth deployment. Refined in the most demanding environments, our solutions help ensure smooth integration and installation, so they can be deployed with confidence.
  • Extensive experience. Every day, our solutions are used to personalize and deliver 10 million cards and five million smart cards.
  • Global footprint. We assist customers with a world-class service and support network that spans 120 countries.